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Beautiful day that I will die...

How is Kanzaki?

Beautiful day that I will die...

Beautiful day

How is Kanzaki?

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versailles, kamijo
Last I heard of him was about a year ago.....

he was sick so everything was on hold until further notices....

has anyone read anything on Kanzaki and his latest condition???

I'm worried (this sucks....it sucks to be in Canada, cause I can't find anything AT ALL on Kanzaki)

and what happened to his blog, it doesn't seem to work for me.....do you have the same problem?

BTW does anyone have ANY scans of Kanzaki? especially the photo set??

  • hi!
    Welcome here.
    I didn't hear anything about him being in bad condition. It's been a while that his blog doesn't work and he didn't update it so much so... I think his blog might have been closed.
    Kanzaki only published very limited photosets sold through Shoxx and some at events. Unfortunately, few people might have them.
    • hi hi ^^


      o really? that sucks, i wonder how hes doin, he seems so frail ><, I KNOW EH its like half a year since i've heard any news of him, to be honest the whole "he got sick" thingie is kinda like a rumor cuz i couldn't find any evidance on it, like its just floating around in the net that hes sick (but where did they got that info, magazine?)

      i've check his Ameba blog still works....so...

      i want some scanssssss of it >
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