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Beautiful day that I will die...

-The- UnForGiveness..deleted?

Beautiful day that I will die...

Beautiful day

-The- UnForGiveness..deleted?

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It looks like The UnForGiveness was put on hold even before its debut? The official website has been deleted, and so is any reference to it at the Sherow Artist Society official homepage...
Kanzaki's new blog can be found here: http://52830051.at.webry.info/
  • It looks like THE UNFORGIVENESS is on pause now. It has been about 2 weeks that the site is this way, but I thought it was just an error to make a new website.
    I wonder what happens now to Kanzaki and his project. I hope he goes on, but meanwhile, he never talked clearly about composing nor recording. I hope he changes his mind.
  • This is really disappointing... :[
    @ colchique: agreed. ;o;
  • Oh no ;____;
    Not good *cries*

    Please...I hope not, please...
    I really would love to hear Kanzaki's voice again...
    This is really disappointing as Malveillance says.
    and you too Colchique
    • From what I read on this site, it seems Kanzaki has become ill. :[ I hope he gets better and decides to continue.

      I was really looking forward to this.
      It also appears he changed labels-- I wonder why?
      • ;___; OH NO *cries*
        I hope so too..I'm waiting for Juka to return~

        Hmmm~ Maybe something happened that he had to or that he hasn't produced music? OwO
        I am completely in love with your Kanzaki Icon >////////////
        • I actually did cry when I found out the first time-- actually, it says it happened on May first, and that was my birthday! Dx bad luck.. *sigh*
          I would love to see Juka make a return. TT; And hopefully Kanzaki's problem isn't too serious. It makes me worry when things like this happen.

          n_n thank you! ahah ;D I have a second one, but this one is my favorite. <33;; if you want to use it, just credit it to me or synthesis_song, since that's my graphics journal. ;D
          • Actually, I'm crying right now xDDD
            Kanzaki is very special to me...and it hurt to find out that he's sick...I wish him all the luck to recover. ;___;
            So do I...I'm talking to my friend about it, and she's translating the blog for me.

            It's beautiful and thank you~ I will of course credit you. 8D <3333333 *dances*
            ;___; it's so beautiful~♥
            • Oh no! TT;;; well I hope you feel better. *_* It had me depressed for a good few days. ↓
              Hopefully it's not as bad as it seems-- with no information things seem a lot worse than they are. </3 n_n of course, no prob~! ;D I don't think anyone else has used any of my icons yet. xDD haha~ it makes me happy to know I did a good enough job for someone to want it though! I think I'll use my other one just because it hasn't gotten any love lately. ;D
              • ;___;
                I will.
                ;o; It just so sad...I am just scared to lose Kanzaki in the music world ;o;
                Even though I will always have Marry+An+Blood and Ribbon but... ;w;
                aww really?
                I make icons too, I have a few on my userpic. but *loves on your icons* ;o; BEAUTIFUL♥
                • Yeah, Dx I know what you mean/how you feel... it almost happened to one of my favorite guitarists. :x It was before that when I found out that Juka's future was in question. v_v;; I hope he gets better too, I miss his voice. *__* I have Marry+An+Blood and Ribbon too, but I was really hoping to find out what would result from that preview on youtube... it looked to be so EPIC. I was just counting down days... blah.

                  Yeahh XDD I guess I don't put them out there enough-- but I made a whole batch of Versailles ones along with the two of Kanzaki [since I have barely any pictures of him T_T] that a lot of people really loved. :D

                  ♥ thank you so much for the compliments though. X3 I'm tempted to make more now. *_*

                  Edited at 2008-06-03 04:46 am (UTC)
                  • Yes yes ;o;
                    I was all
                    fljasdlfkjsalsdjflkasfjd *__* at the preview, I was so looking forward for it *cries*

                    awwww ;o;
                    I did for the D community, but I dont' think people used mine *sad*


                    Here is a couple of them <3

                    Lol I'm using your icon ♥____♥
                    • it looked so amazing. ><; and it sounded like it too-- I love that style, I was already in love with it before it even took off. *__*

                      and omfg, those pictures. I'm fskldjflskt about them now. xD
                      TT; I haven't actually put mine up in comms yet. When I do make them, there's never at least ten of them. xD With the Versailles batch I made, I got lucky-- two for each member. But I think there was a rule against posting icons in one of the comms so I just skipped it. :x

                      haha it's so weird seeing my own icon used! XDD But it's not unwelcome. >>;

                      Edited at 2008-06-03 05:12 am (UTC)
                      • xDDDD
                        You are welcome for the piccys, I think I have one more...from Marry+An+Blood...
                        I have to find it.

                        I want to make more icons, but I'm lazy ;___;
                        But I need more creativity. *sighs*

                        Other than that, 8D
                        I looked in your icons and I like them 8D
                        • X33 Ooh, when you do feel free to send it my way~ xDD haha.

                          I'm lazy lately too. ._____. and there was a THIRD icon I forgot to upload of him so I'm going to use it now. xDD haha.

                          <333 thank you!! ;D If you want you can friend the journal. I update every so often with stuff I managed to make, despite my lazy streak. >w<;;;
                          • *dies at the site of the hotness of your icon* ;___; Beautiful~~~~~~~
                            Yes...but right now I'm making a Hisui icon 8D
                            I love that pretty boy

                            SUre 8D
                            I'll add it ^w^

                            Someday I will sit here and DO IT, MAKE ICONS *__*
                            • XD aww, my friend would love your icon, haha. I should link her to it..

                              <3 I forgot I had this one until last night, I was surprised to find it. *_*
                              Thanks for adding~ ^x^ When I login tomorrow morning I'll add you back~ right now I should be sleeping~ haha!
                              Maybe this weekend I'll put out a bunch of icons. >w<;;;;;; and do an 'icon dump' post again.
                              • That is my ferret, Draco~ <3
                                Well, not anymore, I had to give him up recently.

                                It's my tribute icon to him
                                I hold him dear to my heart.

                                ICON~ <3
                                Yes yes yes 8D
                                YAY FOR ICONS
                                I should too...just for hte hell of it. 8D
                                • TT; Aw. I'm sorry~ *_* he was cute though!
                                  And thanks for the add~ XD i welcome you to the CRAZY world of my journal. *____*;;

                                  I wanna make icons tonight, but I'm feeling sick. T_T so I've got no clue what to do with myself so that I can feel a little better. >>;
                                  • It's okay ^^ I know he will be in a better home :3
                                    NO problem...welcome to my world as well xDD

                                    Me too...I'll probably stay up late to make them *___* xDD
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